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OPS Associateship applicants must be over the age of 18 years on the relevant assessment date. An Associateship application must consist of fifteen images in electronic format. A sixteenth image may be used to illustrate the layout plan for a fifteen-image panel, and should have dimensions comparable with the other images. However, the aspect ratio of this image may vary as required to present the panel layout. Where no layout image is submitted, the files will be viewed as a sequence in ascending numerical filename order.

The files may be transferred to the Society in one of the following ways:

  • Files uploaded using our dedicated file upload facility (accessible only when logged in to the website); or
  • Files sent as email attachments to our Distinctions Office. To limit the size of email messages, each image may have to be attached to a separate message.

The fifteen images submitted must fall into one of the accepted categories, and a statement of objectives must be made via the appropriate field of a completed on-line Distinction Application Form. Note that images previously submitted to the Society as part of a successful Licentiateship application cannot be submitted a second time as part of an Associateship (or Fellowship) application. Images can be colour, monochrome, duotone etc, but the different media cannot be mixed within a single panel or sequence. Applicants should consider carefully how the panel or sequence should be displayed and whether it exhibits sufficient cohesion.

The appropriate fees must be paid via the Society's on-line shop prior to the cut-off date given in the Distinctions Calendar.


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