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The 3-D viewer below may be used to display one or two working space gamuts in any of four different color spaces. The secondary gamut is drawn in fainter colors than the primary gamut so the two are easier for the eye to separate. All gamuts are shown adapted to the D50 reference illuminant using the Bradford transform.

Please select either the single gamut you wish to view, or the two gamuts you wish to compare, using the primary and secondary gamut selectors below. Then click the grey box to update the display. There may be a delay of a few seconds before the display appears.

(Note: Javascript must be enabled on your browser. Please note that Java is not supported by Microsoft Edge, Firefox after v 52, etc and 64-bit browsers, so the gamut viewer will not work in such circumstances. We are are currenly looking for options to restore this very useful facility. Java errors and exceptions are often caused by blocks imposed by anti-virus software. In the case of Zone Alarm, it may be necessary to disable Web Scanning.) If your browser blocks Java, it may also be necessary to list this website (http://www.openphotographicsociety.org) in the Exception Site List under the Security tab in your Java control panel.

Primary Working Space:
Secondary Working Space:
Color Space:

1 - Click and drag on the panel at the left to rotate the view.
2 - Shift-drag vertically to zoom in and out.

Thanks are due to Bruce Lindbloom for providing the Mathematica files for this display.


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