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The Open Photographic Society's (OPS) image evaluation and comment service is offered on a one-on-one basis, and is intended to help photographers create better photographic images. The service may be of particular use to those preparing an award or distinction application. Photographers wishing to submit images to the Society for evaluation may do so by emailing the material to the submissions office. All submissions must be accompanied by the author's email address, the appropriate fee paid through the shopping cart and, where necessary, brief explanatory notes.

An evaluator reviews the images and provides an email commentary on the merits of the work directly to the author. This may address technical matters such as exposure, aperture, depth of field and lighting, as well as the typical aesthetic issues of composition, interest, impact, alternative approaches, communication, presentation and so on. The names of evaluators are not disclosed.

Please note that submitted images are permanently deleted from the Society's computers and media once they are no longer required by the Society. No images of any description are returned to authors. However, images may be retained in backup copies of the Society's website and other resources should they happen to be stored on disks at a time when the routine backup process is running.


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