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Grey step wedge

To create a grey step-wedge in Photoshop:

  • open a new file in greyscale mode;
  • set the canvas size to approximately 6" x 4" format at 300 dpi;
  • fill the background with 100% black with white as the foreground colour;
  • select the gradation tool to create a linear gradient (foreground to background) with opacity 100% in normal mode;
  • click at one end of the image and drag the cursor to the other end of the frame;
  • using the rectangular marquee tool, draw out a rectangle to define the dimensions of the step wedge, being sure to include the whole range of the gradient;
  • select image - adjust - posterize to break the gradient in to steps;
  • enter 21 as the posterization value and click OK - this creates a step-wedge from 0% to 100% in 5% increments;
  • a step-wedge in 10% increments can be created by using a posterization value of 11;
  • the value of each step in the wedge can be checked using the eyedropper tool and the show info window;
  • label each value on the wedge with the type tool; and
  • flatten the image and save.

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