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Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed tree frog - by kind permission of Burrard-Lucas.com

Successful wildlife photography arguably begins with suitable research of the target species. Nature does not perform for photographers, so a lot of time and trouble can be saved by understanding how the subjects live and breed. Explore feeding habits and make sure the significance of the time of day, the weather, the level of light and the seasons is understood. Wild creatures tend to feed early and late in the day, and those periods are generally defined by the level of daylight and the weather rather than the clock. Also investigate the relevant sources of food and how the habits of the animals or birds change during the breeding season.

Information about particular species can be obtained from books and the internet, but also from knowledgeable and experienced people such as other photographers, wildlife wardens or park rangers, or any appropriate experts. It is pointless waiting all day in a hide to photograph the departure of young birds from their nest if they are known to always leave at dawn, and it is useless searching for animals high up in the hills in winter if they descend to lower altitudes when the weather is cold.


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