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Jukka K Bjorn was born in 1965 and was brought up on a farm in Kitee, Finland, close to the country’s eastern border. He now works as a marketing professional (BBA) in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

He has no formal visual arts education, but learnt at an early age to set high standards in whatever he attempted. His first camera was a 35mm Russian-made Zenit. Jukka gained inspiration from photographic magazines published in the UK, Sweden and Germany, and gradually acquired more and more photographic theory and technique.

His usual though not exclusive photographic subject areas are nature, reportage, travel, beauty and fashion. During what he describes as his “puritan period” he used only slide film. This proved an excellent but somewhat unforgiving training ground as everything - exposure, contrast, composition, framing etc - had to be correct at the moment the shutter was released. He enjoys the increased flexibility offered by the digital darkroom, and is always open to new possibilities, opportunities and suggestions. He feels that today’s newcomers to photography are fortunate because they are able to hone their photographic skills without many of the expenses that were incurred in the film era.

Jukka has what he describes as a “living room studio” although he does not print his own work. For him, photography is the creation of new images that appeal to the eye. He is always searching for new models to photograph.

His numerous successes, and the publications in which his work has appeared, include: Practical Photography, Photo Answers, Photo Technique, Foto Magazin, Color Foto, Amateur Photographer, Swedish Foto; Finnish magazines Kamera-lehti, Lemmikki, Villivarsa, Elämänhalu and Koira; acceptances by Toronto International Salon of Photography and Twin Cities International Exhibition of Photography, and also product and web images for several Finnish companies and enthusiasts.

Jukka established his first personal webpage in 1998, and his current sites can be found at:

See also his personal gallery.


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