Mohsen was born in Tabriz, Iran and began his career as an amateur photographer in 1999. He has a diploma Degree in Photography and an Art Training Course Certification/Degree. He has worked as a photo editor for TAA (NGO) and is teaching Photography and Principles of Fine Art in some classes.

Mohsen also collaborates with several newspapers and magazines as a photographer, writer and translator, mostly with "doorbin-e-akkasi" (camera), a magazine about amateur photography in Iran. He had a solo photography exhibition in Tabriz, Iran, in 2004.

He has participated in several national and international photographic exhibition and festivals/contests, such as the Iranian photography biennale 2006, Knokke Heist, Belgium, Photography Festival 2007 and 2008, Turkey's Cahev Photo Contest 2007, Turkey's BnW Photo biennale and more.

Mohsen was also a consultant in the photography part of the Art and Culture Project, UK 2006 - 2007.