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Submissions of material to the Society can be made in a number of ways. Images and text-based material should be emailed to us at the Society's (OPS) submissions office wherever possible. The email system generally tolerates attachments up to about 4MB - 10MB. Larger images can be submitted using the upload facility which is designed for files larger than about 4MB. Exceptionally, material may be submitted on CD or DVD. The relevant postal address can be obtained by emailing the Society. Material submitted in this way, or by email, will not be returned. It will be destroyed once its agreed purpose has been served. The Society keeps no long-term archive of submitted material, although material used on the website may be incidentally preserved within routine website backups.

The Society regards the submission of material to galleries or articles as constituting the agreement of the copyright holder that, at the discretion of the Society, all or part of the submitted material may, without payment or further agreement, be published on the website. Where it is not agreed that material may be published by the Society, this must be stated clearly within the relevant submission. Material submitted for image evaluations will be regarded as private and will not be published in any form without specific agreement. Where the Society considers it necessary to edit submitted material in a significant manner before publication, the relevant details will normally be discussed with the copyright holder prior to publication. This does not apply to minor editorial changes, the removal of spelling mistakes, typos etc.


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