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Please note that the information on this website regarding photographers' rights and UK law must not be regarded as authoritative. It is written in general terms with a view to increasing general everyday understanding. However it is neither intended to provide authoritative advice nor to be used as guidance in specific cases. Anyone seeking authoritative advice regarding such matters, or anyone involved in a particular legal case, must seek the advice of a suitably qualified solicitor.

Photographers are free to photograph police officers and associated personnel, and any incidents in which they may be involved. No permit is required. When areas are cordoned off by police following an incident, photographers may still work or report from areas accessible to the general public. If someone who is injured, distressed or bereaved asks the police to stop photographers recording the scene, the request may be passed on but cannot be enforced.

Once again, common sense on the part of a photographer is required. Police officers, like any other human beings, may be justifiably upset by persistent attention. A persistent photographer's activities might eventually be interpreted as harassment or obstruction.


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