Setting a subscription rate is a necessary step in putting a new photographic club or society on a sound financial footing. Money required to keep a club going and commitments such as room hire can be prove expensive. Payment for rooms may also be required well in advance and perhaps per year. Other expenses, such as those for equipment, heating, paperwork, establishing prizes and cups, running competitions and exhibitions, and establishing and maintaining a club website, must also be considered. Initially, supportive colleagues may be willing to contribute their own personal resources to get things going, but in the long run everyone will expect to have expenses refunded.

The treasurer should make the necessary detailed calculations and present a report on the proposed expenditure to the organizing committee. Once the outgoings for the year are agreed, it is relatively simple to calculate an initial subscription rate provided an estimate can be made of the number of members. Keep membership estimates realistic, underestimating where there is doubt. Also keep subscription rates as low as possible while the new club becomes established.