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Original calculator by kind permission of Jens T. Satre - modified by OPS.


Calculated after the method on http://www.stjarnhimlen.se/comp/tutorial.html  


  • Lunar and solar azimuths are measured from north (via east to south and west). An azimuth of 270 degrees would therefore be due west.
  • All dates and times are GMT (UTC). A user in Sydney, Australia, must therefore use an appropriately offset time  (eg go back 11 hours from local time).
  • Click the "Start/Stop Autoupdater" button to start one-second updates of all parameters. Click the same button again to stop autoupdating.
  • Click the "Allow Manual Date and Location Input" to freeze date and time updates and enter latitude, longitude, time and date values. All calculations are updated when any value changes. Click the "Start/Stop Autoupdater" button to return to current date and time.
  • Click the "Print Result in New Window" to show a summary of the key results in a new window with printing capability.

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