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Image files may be transferred to the Society in three different ways. These are:

  • via our dedicated file upload facility (at bottom left of the current page when logged in);
  • as email attachments; and
  • on CD/DVD via the traditional postal service.

The Society's dedicated file upload facility is the preferred method for transferring images - both for the applicant and the Society. Note that this facility is available only to logged-in users. Although only one file is transferred at a time, uploads are relatively fast and also reliable. Each file upload is limited to 4MB. A 4MB file upload generally completes in a period of 1 - 2 minutes although the time obviously depends upon the speed of the link being used. Note that files cannot be overwritten once uploaded, so make sure everything is in order before uploading.

Email service providers generally limit the size of attached files to about 8 or 10MB although the maximum acceptable size varies according to a number of service-related factors. In general, only one image file should be attached to each email. Please ensure that the relevant Distinction Application Reference Number is included in emails sent to the Society's Distinctions Office.

Files can be written on to a CD or DVD and then posted to an address obtainable by emailing the Society's Distinctions Office. However, OPS is an all electronic organization and has no office for handling traditional mail. This transfer method is consequently only available to those who are unable to use any of the preceding three options. Note that CDs/DVDs are not returned to applicants and are eventually destroyed.

Please do not attach award or distinction panel images to the on-line application form.



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