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Latent image

The invisible image created by exposure of an emulsion to light, and later made visible by processing.


Liquid crystal display used by computers and equipment such as digital cameras to display images and changing alphanumeric data. It is generally a compact, low-power device.

Lens coating

Thin deposit of substance such as magnesium fluoride or silicon dioxide used to reduce the amount of light reflected from optical surfaces.

Lens speed

A measure of how much light a lens needs. A small maximum aperture equates to a slow lens, and a large maximum aperture to a fast lens.


A box containing colour corrected fluorescent tubes which match daylight, and having a translucent plastic top, designed for convenient viewing of transparencies and negatives.


The amount of white in a colour. Colour is characterized by hue, saturation and lightness.


A compression technique, used to reduce the size of image files, which results in some data being removed from images. Lossless techniques compress image files without removing image or colour detail.

Low-key image

An image consisting almost exclusively of dark tones.


A unit of light falling on a surface; used in the measurement of candle power or light output.


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