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Model against stone wallJuxstaposition is another simple technique that can be used to enhance the message of an image. Using opposites alongside each other serves to emphasize the features or characteristics of both. For instance, the tiny and delicate hand of a young baby might make an interesting image in its own right, but when juxstaposed with the much larger hand of the father the small size is emphasized. The child's hand can be hidden by a couple of the father's fingers, and the baby's skin is smooth and unblemished when compared with the father's aged and wrinkled hand.

Juxtaposition can of course be set up to create an interesting image, but instances can also be found in the real world. A sharp-eyed photographer should notice such situations as a matter of course. Examples might include a young girl's soft features seen against a rough stone background (as seen in the image on the left), historic architecture seen against a backdrop of a modern steel and glass building, or the modest dress of a Muslim woman seen amidst the acres of skin exposed by bikini-clad youngsters on a beach.


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