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A photography website offers wonderful opportunities for a photographer to showcase his or her work. For professional photographers, whether involved in wedding photography, portrait, studio, landscape, architectural or other work, a website provides a local and worldwide public window through which to communicate and consequently find customers. For amateur enthusiasts, a website provides an unique opportunity to display their best work and perhaps make contact with other similar minded photographers.

The task of creating a personal or business-specific website seems to many photographers to be daunting, and perhaps a major diversion from their central interest of photography. Indeed, creating a complex modern website from scratch is now beyond the capabilities of most people - certainly the majority of photographers who are engaged full-time in their photographic work purchase a website. It is this situation that gave rise to a whole new industry offering ready made website tailored to particular requirements. An alternative is of course tor pay a web programmer to do the structural work or use a Content Management System (CMS). Once a website is in place, it is easier to keep things up to date by uploading new galleries of images etc.

Surprisingly, only a small minority of photographers seems to be aware of the advantages of using a Content Management System (CMS). This approach takes all the technical and difficult programming out of the task, and makes the achievement of a modern, professional looking website a practicable possibility for all. For anyone who wants to be in total control of their website, this is undoubtedly the way to go.


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