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Good images usually represent the investment of considerable effort and so deserve to be seen and appreciated. Prints are more satisfying when appropriately mounted, so the time and effort required is normally well rewarded.

Basic mat cornerFavourite images can be enlarged, perhaps to 38 x 25cm (15" x 10"), and framed for display on a wall. Simply dry-mount or spray-mount the print onto card and place it under a mat, or window cut-out. The mat should be cut with an angled blade to slightly smaller dimensions than the print. This enhances presentation and provides for some movement and cropping. Its colour and design should complement the image and frame without being overpowering. The print, sandwiched between the two layers of card, can then be framed behind a sheet of thin glass if required. Anti-glare glass subdues reflections but generally reduces impact by diffusing and muting colours. The size and style of a framed image are a matter of choice, but remember that overall dimensions grow as a mat and frame are added.

In exhibition environments restrictions will be placed upon the size and style of presentation. Prints submitted to small exhibitions, such as those staged by local photographic societies, are usually just sandwiched temporarily between a mat and a backing board using masking tape. No frame or glass is used. Those hung in more formal exhibitions will be required to observe gallery rules.


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