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This process produces Bas relief using a darkroom-like technique. It effectively creates a monochrome inter-negative, binds it up "out-of-register" with the original, and then camera-copies it to brighten and make it permanent.

  • Open a file;
  • Drag the background to make a background copy layer (layers palette);
  • Select the copy;
  • De-saturate, then invert (this creates a monochrome negative);
  • The interneg may now be posterized using 2 to 6 tones for different effects;
  • Filter > other > offset (try 2 pixels in each box, as either plus or minus figures depending on the direction of shift required);
  • Check the relevant box to ensure that the edge pixels are repeated;
  • Select the background layer and create two adjustment layers;
  • Layer > new adjustment layer;
  • Select brightness & contrast, name it "more brightness" and set it at 50% normal;
  • Accepting will give the usual brightness & contrast window;
  • Set the brightness to 100%, and accept;
  • Repeat naming the second new adjustment layer "more contrast";
  • Set the first to 50% normal, then to between 60% and 80% in the brightness & contrast window;
  • Select the background copy layer and drag it (if necessary) to be immediately above the background layer itself - this is important!
  • Set the blending to 35% normal for the background copy layer;
  • Select the "more brightness" adjustment layer and move the slider to brighten the image;
  • Select the "more contrast" adjustment layer and move the slider to adjust;
  • Flatten if required, alternatively select the background copy and change the blending to (say), 60% multiply;
  • Repeat adjustments of the two adjustment layers as necessary. Try other values and blending modes for different effects; and
  • Finally, flatten all the layers.

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