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I took up photography in 2004 when I purchased a digital camera. I sometimes manipulate the images to produce digital art, but less and less of my photographs are being manipulated. I am interested in urban views, cathedrals and landmarks, and these three areas make up most of my work.

I was pleased to win the Mayor's Choice, at Didcot Arts Festival in 2006, for my picture of Chichester Cathedral. I understand this was the first time a photograph had been chosen for this honour.

I exhibit whenever possible, and in May opened up my house for Oxfordshire Artweeks. This was my second year exhibiting.

Not having any training in this medium, I concentrate on trying to capture a well-composed picture. I don't know much about the technicalities, but hope to join the local camera club so I can move the camera setting off "automatic"!

In addition to photography I have a "day job" selling business gifts, and another part-time venture which offers holistic therapies..

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