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The work of running a photographic society or camera club begins in earnest once the club begins to hold meetings and arrange activities for members. As the early meeting are held, committee members should be sure to invite feedback from members and distill the comments in to a list of improvements to be considered at the next committee meeting. Nothing is more important at this early stage than responding to comments and criticisms, and making visible improvements as soon as possible. Communicating such actions to the membership is also very important. Without a constructive approach such as this, members may begin to drift away.

Make sure that the club programme includes a variety of activities so everyone can participate. Assembling in meeting rooms is a necessary part of club activities but the meetings themselves should be varied and include talks by experienced photographers, image critique sessions, competitions, informal evenings etc. However it is also possible, given an appropriate local environment, to arrange trips to locations such as galleries, outdoor photographic sessions, visits to public events with declared photographic objectives, and special-interest group meetings in the homes of members.

One other important consideration is how members should be encouraged to participate in decision making and achieving improvements for the club. It is very important to get people involved, not least because collectively they are almost certain to suggest good ideas and improvements. Such feedback can be obtained in a variety of ways, perhaps just by having a ten-minute comment session at the end of each meeting. Other techniques include the use of comment slips which are returned to the committee, and using website comment of forum facilities.


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