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The bridegroom's preparation is not photographed on many occasions, but some couples do wish to include this coverage. The groom normally prepares at the same time as the bride but in a different location, not least because brides generally do not wish their future husband to see their dress until the actual ceremony. It is therefore necessary to have a second photographer available to cover the groom's side of things.

The broad approach to photographing the groom's preparation is the same but the opportunities are generally more limited. The bridegroom can be photographed in his private room as he dons his cravat or knots his tie. A mirror can be used to add variety as with the bride's preparation pictures. His tails or suit can be photographed hanging on a wardrobe door, and accessories such as cuff links may be photographed in close-up. If the best man is present, then he may be photographed with the bridegroom in the garden or perhaps preparing to leave for the ceremony.

Other possibilities include photographing the rings which, hopefully, are in the care of the best man.


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